We lead the industry with our patented, single solution to transfer, clean, and store fuel – providing immediate access to clean fuel during your service!

Our Services

Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing improves fuel quality and economy while extending the service life of your fleet and eqiupment.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning prevents rust, corrosion, and deterioration of tanks, mitigating environmental issues and costly repairs.

Maintenance Services

We offer customized maintenance plans to keep your fuel systems operating smoothly – ask us about yours today!

Dispenser Filtration

Filtration Systems capture particulate contamination and water to ensure these do not end up in your equipment.

Fuel Sampling

Fuel Sampling determines which type of contamination is present and what type of remediation to be applied.

Fuel Additives + Biocides

Fuel Additives and Biocides can be used to treat fuel, preventing micobial growth and other contamniation in your tank.




7:00am – 5:00pm

Why Choose Us?

Fuel contaminates, (especially particulates and water) are prevalent in the infrastructure used to deliver fuel from a refinery to your bulk fuel storage tank.

The most common fuel contaminant is water, supporting over 45 species of microbial growth, leading to rapid clogging of filtration systems, injector failure, and engine shutdown.

Petroleum Tec’s patented solution stands out in the industry; we don’t just polish fuel, we are a complete solution for fuel and tank systems management + maintenance.

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