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Petroleum Tec is the single solution to transfer, clean, and store fuel – all with zero downtime.

Industry Leaders

In April of 2014, Rickie Grooms and Scott Knowles entered the market as a fuel polishing enterprise. Upon entering the market, we realized fuel polishing was only one aspect of the solution resulting in clean fuel. Our turnkey fuel polishing and tank cleaning solution fulfills an unsatisfied need removing solids, particulates, water, and other contaminates from fuel systems.

Today, we lead the market with our patented turnkey clean fuel solution, providing unmatched results and service our clients count on.






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Our Commitment To Safety

At Petroleum Tec, safety is of the utmost importance. Each of our technicians are trained in the safe operation of our equipment, and all have the required Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Part 48 and First Aid certifications.

We utilize the latest technology in personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as regular safety meetings, to keep our technicians out of harm’s way.

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